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About us

Vitrage Art brand was founded in 2004 as a studio dedicated to designing and interior decoration with stained glass artwork in Tiffany technique. This stained glass technique was developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the 19th century. Despite many areas of stained glass art Tiffany technique is the most prestigious in the world.

Stained glass artwork in Tiffany technique is hand-made with the use of unique art glass made in the USA.

All the stages of stained glass creating are held at a highly professional level, with participation of skilled designers and stained glass craftsmen.

Vitrage Art provides a full range of services in designing and interior decoration with art glass:

  • Stained glass artwork for ceilings and domes
  • Stained glass artwork for windows and niches
  • Stained glass for doors and furniture
  • Handmade lamps
  • Glass fusing and mosaic glass
  • Glass paintings
  • Bevel-cut mirrors and panels
  • Exclusive gifts
  • Church stained glass windows
  • Repair of stained glass products of any complexity

Vitrage Art is a dynamically developing company, and in 2007 we expanded the range of our services having included designing and decoration of interiors with high quality wood products, and in 2010 we added metal products to our portfolio.

In the creation of wood products Vitrage Art uses only high quality wood, ranging from alder, maple, oak and walnut to exotic woods.

In our designs we use various techniques to decorate the interiors of our Clients:

Carving, patination, gilding, painting, marquetry, metal and stone inlay, fabric and leather upholstery.

We will create for you:

  • Entrance and interior doors
  • Studies and libraries
  • Kitchens, bedrooms, walk-in closets
  • Stairs
  • Furniture for hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes
  • Exterior wood finishing

The Metal-working Department specialists will develop and manufacture for you:

Gates, gazebos and canopies, stairs and fences, forged furniture and decorative items, artistic casting…

Vitrage Art will gladly offer you a full range of services on creation of interiors in wood, metal and artwork glass, starting from the initial design sketch to installation and warranty maintenance!

Based on our long-term experience, we may speak with certainty that our products will become the objects of your pride and aesthetic pleasure for years to come!

With respect and best wishes, Vintage Art